Benchmark Scalaris using YCSB

This blog post shows you how to benchmark Scalaris using the YCSB benchmark. A client has been created for Scalaris. The Scalaris client is not yet part of the official YCSB bundle but a fork of YCSB with the necessary implementation is available on GitHub.


Check out the scalaris repository:

git clone

Build with Maven:

cd scalaris/contrib/ycsb
mvn package


To use the YCSB scalaris-binding as dependency of an existing maven project, add the following to your pom.xml:




./bin/ycsb load scalaris -P workloads/workloada
./bin/ycsb run scalaris -P workloads/workloada


If you’re experiencing problems, first make sure Scalaris is running. You can pass configuration parameters to YCBS. For instance, if your first Scalaris node is node1@localhost, the configuration looks as follows:

./bin/ycsb load scalaris -P workloads/workloada -p scalaris.node="node1@localhost"

The following parameters with their default values are available:

scalaris.node = "node1@localhost" = "YCSB"
scalaris.cookie = "chocolate chip cookie"